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Rules of procedure

In order to ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible, and that health and safety conditions are guaranteed for all, we ask you to read these regulations carefully.

Rental period

This accommodation is rented to you for a period defined at the time of your reservation, determined in your rental contract. Under no circumstances may a customer claim any right to remain in the premises outside this period. All rentals are nominative and cannot be transferred under any circumstances.

The rental will only be taken into account qu‛après the payment d‛un deposit of 25%. A written confirmation or by email will then be sent to you. Actual rental subject to the solvency of the reservation cheque.

In case of early departure or delayed arrival no refund will be made from us.

In case of cancellation a cancellation fee will be deducted : 50% if cancellation between 2 days and one week before the rental date, 100% the day before or the arrival day initially planned.

Arrival and departure

Arrival times are scheduled in the afternoon from 3:30 pm..

Departure times are scheduled in the morning before 11am.

The time spent cleaning must take place on the day of departure, before the cut-off time.

Material provided

This accommodation is rented with bedding (box springs and mattresses), duvets, pillows, bed linen.

Towels are provided.

Dishes and cleaning products are at your disposal.

On your arrival an inventory will be given to you, and a check will be carried out on your departure.

Use of the premises

All the furniture is at your disposal. Please keep them in good condition and clean.

Access to the Swimming pool is possible from 8am to 8pm.

The supply of water, electricity and heating is included in the rental price. However, in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible, please turn off the lights when you leave a room, do not let the water run unnecessarily, and do not leave doors and windows open if you use air conditioning.

All amenities are at your disposal, subject to normal and reasonable use. In this respect, please do not throw anything into the toilet bowl except toilet paper. Use only products that are compatible with a septic tank.

Each access door to the dwelling is equipped with a key lock. Be sure to close them securely when leaving the premises. You are responsible for any theft and damage in the event of non-compliance with this clause.

Safety and propriety instructions

Please respect the tranquility of the premises and use them in accordance with their purpose. The volume, inside and outside the property, must be kept to a minimum in order to respect the tranquility of the neighbourhood. In the event of a conflict and/or complaint, we reserve the right to exclude customers who are causing the disturbance.

For the respect of the neighbourhood, it is strictly forbidden to make noise in the evening after 10pm and before 8am.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the dwelling.

In case of emergency, please notify the emergency services (18 for the fire brigade, 15 for the Samu, 17 for the police). Fire extinguishers have been placed in the dwelling.

Guests are not allowed.

Cleaning package

A Cleaning package may apply at the end of the stay, if the client has not chosen to clean the premises himself or if an inventory of fixtures after the client's departure indicates that the cleaning was insufficient.

In this case, the Cleaning package (the amount of which is indicated in the contract) includes in particular the cleaning of parts and household linen. However, please be careful not to leave the dwelling in disorder, in particular by ensuring the storage of furniture, objects and crockery.

Domestic waste

Garbage bins are at your disposal. Please respect the sorting rules: yellow bin for cardboard, plastic and metal packaging; green bin for household waste. When you leave, please leave nothing in the garbage and return it clean (unless you have subscribed to the Cleaning package).

Animal reception

Only assistance dogs and guide dogs are allowed. The tenant undertakes to return the rental in an impeccable state of cleanliness, in no case allowing the presence of his animal to appear during the stay, including outside the accommodation.

Animals should never be left in the house without their owner present. Any damage due to animals is the exclusive responsibility of the tenant and will be deducted from his deposit.

In case of problems

In case of failure or malfunction, please contact us immediately. We will then do our best to remedy the situation. No reimbursement for repairs or repairs can be taken into account without our agreement.

In case of breakage, damage or loss, please report it during your stay, even if no damage seems apparent. In the event of loss or damage to elements of the accommodation, the amount of the deposit may be reduced by the cost of repair or possible replacement.

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